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  1. Journal Title: Journal of General English Education
  2. Initials: GEEd
  3. Frequency: January and July 
  4. Print ISSN: 2685-5593
  5. Online ISSN: -
  6. Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Maria Arini Luardini, MA
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  8. Publisher: University Of Palangka Raya
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General English Education or GEEd aims at promoting research in English teaching and learning, English language studies, and English literature in the context of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at primary, secondary, and tertiary education. GEEd welcomes research-based articles about current trends in English language teaching and learning, especially in the areas of teacher’s best practices in the classroom, students’ learning strategy, classroom interactions, the use of enhanced media in classroom, and language testing. GEEd also seeks submissions in relation to investigation on English language studies, particularly in relation to sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and how these fields contribute to English instruction. Finally, GEEd accepts articles on English literature in the areas of poem, poetry, and drama, as well as its applications in English classrooms.

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