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Eng</li> <li><strong>DOI</strong>: 10.37304</li> <li><strong>Publisher</strong>: Jurusan Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Palangka Raya</li> </ol> </div> <p><img src="" width="120" height="174" /></p> <p>Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas palangka Raya</p> <p>Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan “Balanga” merupakan media untuk publikasi karya ilmiah dan hasil penelitian serta pengabdian kepada masyarakat bagi para akademisi, praktisi dan peneliti dalam bidang pendidikan teknologi dan kejuruan. Jurnal ini dikelola oleh Jurusan Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Palangka Raya.</p> Jurusan Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan, FKIP, Universitas Palangkaraya en-US BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2338-462X ANALYSIS OF THE NEED FOR TEACHING MATERIALS FOR SOIL MEASUREMENT II <p><em>This study aims to obtain information about problems in the learning process of the Land Surveying course in S1 majoring in Building Engineering Education, State University of Jakarta.The study was conducted in April to May 2019 with a data collection method in the form of a questionnaire / questionnaire with a simple random sampling technique consisting of 44 respondent students majoring in S1 Engineering Education Building in Jakarta State University. The results of the needs analysis show that; 86% of respondents have difficulty in learning materials contained in other sources due to incomplete material, explanatory techniques that are difficult to understand and others; 61% of respondents answered that they were not able to apply the material during the practicum after studying the Land Surveying II course from various sources they studied. In general, the results of this needs analysis can be used as a guideline in the design of teaching materials for Land Surveying II.</em></p> Riyan Arthur Prihantono Salma Maharani Dendy Wahyu Kuntoro Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 1 5 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4989 CRACKS IN REINFORCED CONCRETE BEAM <p>Cracks in concrete cannot be prevented but the size of the cracks can be controlled. Cracks that occur in concrete are strongly influenced by the nature and characteristics of the concrete constituent materials, especially cement and water. Cracks can occur in the fresh and hard concrete phases. Cracks that occur in concrete can be grouped into two, non-structural cracks and structural cracks. There are several types of non-structural cracks such as crazing, map cracking, plastic cracking due to shrinkage, plastic cracking due to settlement, cracking due to drying shrinkage, cracking due to temperature changes, cracking due to chemical reactions. Structural cracks can be caused by the effects of vibration, earthquake and loads that work beyond capacity. Cracks in concrete beams can be in the form of flexural cracks, web shear cracks, flexure-shear cracks, torsion cracks, bond cracks. The failure that occurs in the beam has a close relationship with the pattern of cracks formed. Cracks that occur in the beam must be repaired so that the damage does not get worse and efforts to strengthen the structure to ensure it remains safe</p> Samuel Layang Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 6 12 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.3277 PARENTS' ASPIRATIONS AND PARTICIPATION IN CHILDREN'S EDUCATION <p>Human formation starts from childhood in the womb, which is then followed by the development of thechild after birth and grows into adulthood. Therefore, the role of the family, especially parents (fatherand mother) has a very important meaning, especially in the education of children. In this case, parentalparticipation is very necessary in supporting progress and education, because education is a sharedresponsibility between family, community and government, street vendors are one of the most tangiblejobs in most cities or developing countries in general. Street vendors are described as independententrepreneurs and the majority of them are unpaid workers. Its success is highly dependent on theeffort and ability to attract buyers. His parents are busy as traders, so the time for family is decreasing,this is because in their daily life they sell in the market or go around offering their wares. This research isone way to find out firsthand how the aspirations and participation of parents who have a profession asstreet vendors in the village area of Mantaren I Pulang Pisau towards children's education, as well asknowing firsthand how their need for education is to achieve equal distribution of education throughoutIndonesia. . This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis. The research subjects in thiscase were street vendors, both male and female along Jalan Desa Mantaren I Pulang Pisau, totaling 10people. Researchers took street vendors who already had 1 year of trading experience and who wereable to send their children to school. The instrument in this study consisted of the main instrument,namely the researcher himself and supporting instruments in the form of documentation, the datacollection procedure in this study was carried out using interview techniques so that it could be knowndirectly how the aspirations and participation of the subject towards children's education</p> Susan Daniel Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 13 21 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4995 BUILDING ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH TALIKUR CRAFT TRAINING FOR HOUSEHOLD ISSUES <p>Talikur craft is currently being favored by women, be it teenagers or adult women. However, not everyone can buy it due to economic limitations considering the price is not cheap. Therefore, this service activity was carried out to provide training on how to make talikur crafts. So, participants can make their own talikur craft as desired. The methods used in this activity are direct training (lectures, demonstrations, and questions and answers) and mentoring. The result of this service is that participants have the knowledge and skills to make talikur crafts in various forms and models.</p> Wahidin Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 22 26 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4985 EARNINGS OF ONLINE MOTORCYCLE TAXI BIKERS OPERATING IN PALANGKA RAYA <p>Online motorcycle taxis are application-based motorcycle taxis, since the presence of online motorcycletaxis can make it easier for people to travel using motorcycle taxis even when they don't want to leavethe house but want to buy goods, they can use online motorcycle taxi services. Likewise for onlinemotorcycle taxi drivers (Grab), they are greatly helped by Grab because it makes it easier for them toearn a living. However, not everyone realizes that joining a Grab bike partner is very profitable for them.This study was conducted to find out how much income a Grab bike partner earns.This research is a quantitative research. The sample was taken using the Stratified Random Samplingtechnique so that Grab bike Palangka Raya partners were determined to be the sample in this study. Theresearch instrument was in the form of direct interviews in order to obtain the necessary data. Then, thedata were analyzed using nonparametric statistics from Kolmogorof Smirnov Z (SPSS version 16program) and the data were normally distributed. The author finally draws conclusions based onstatistical results.The results showed that the net income of Grab bike partners was Rp. 57,938,121, - per year whichmeans that the net income for each month reaches Rp. 4.828.177,-. this is proven by the statements ofGrab bike partners when interviewed. Therefore, it can be proven that the income of Grab bikes isgreater than the Provincial Minimum Wage.</p> Whendy Trissan Atika Ayu Lestari Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 27 34 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4990 COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY THROUGH THE HOME INDUSTRY OF MAKING RED GINGER WEDANG, KALAMPANGAN VILLAGE, PALANGKA RAYA CITY <p>The purpose of this study was to find out how the strategy of developing community entrepreneurship through the home industry of making red ginger wedang both seen from its strengths and weaknesses in the village of Kalampangan, Palangka Raya city. The method used was using a qualitative method that produced descriptive data. The research subjects were managers and employees. The instruments used were observation/observation, in-depth interviews by asking questions and documentation. The results showed that Rossemi Home industry is a household business that produces red ginger wedang, this home industry operates in Kalampangan Village, Palangka Raya City</p> <p>The advantages or advantages of the Rossemi home industry are in terms of the variety of flavors that are produced in various flavors which other home industries do not have. In addition, the production of ginger wedang uses high quality ginger raw materials, sugar so as to produce quality ginger wedang products as well. However, the weakness of this home industry is that the technology used to produce red ginger wedang is still manual, so time is limited if there are many orders from consumers.</p> Yesninopy Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 35 40 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4984 PENGEMBANGAN MODUL ELEKTRONIK RANCANGAN PENELITIAN PADA S1 PENDIDIKAN TEKNIK BANGUNAN FT UNJ <p>The purpose of this research is to develop teaching material regarding research design in the Electronic Module-based Research Methodology course which consists of problems, theoretical basis, hypothesis submission, research methods and to find out the value of the effectiveness of electronic module teaching materials through limited distribution. This study uses a research and development research method (R&amp;D) with the Thiagarajan 4D model. The results of the validation by material experts were 0,94 in the very high category, while the results of the validation by the media experts were 0,89 in the very high category. The limited trial results showed an increase in the average value of the pre test by 62,45 and post test by 78,53. Therefore, it can be concluded that the electronic module teaching materials for this electronic module can increase understanding in terms of material and are declared fit for use in learning.</p> R. Eka Murtinugraha Ridia Irin Imbatami Riyan Arthur Firros Hirzy Mafie Musqyla Copyright (c) 2022 BALANGA: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 10 1 41 47 10.37304/balanga.v10i1.4988