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JTI has a publishing period twice in a year, namely in January and August.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Focus and scope of JTI includes: <strong>(a) Artificial Intelligence</strong>, <strong>(b) Image Processing and Pattern Recognition</strong>, <strong>(c) Data Mining</strong>, <strong>(d) Data Warehouse</strong>, <strong>(e) Big Data</strong>, <strong>(f) Data Analytics</strong>, <strong>(g) Data Science</strong>, <strong>(h) Natural Language Processing</strong>, <strong>(i) Software Engineering</strong>, <strong>(j) Information System</strong>, <strong>(k) Information Retrieval</strong>, <strong>(l) Mobile and Web Technology</strong>, <strong>(m) Geographical Information System</strong>, <strong>(n) Decission Support System</strong>, <strong>(o) Virtual Reality</strong>, <strong>(p) Augmented Reality</strong>, <strong>(q) IT Incubation</strong>, <strong>(r) IT Governance, (s) Internet of Thing</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">All articles in JTI will be processed by the editor through the Online Journal System (OJS), and the author can monitor the entire process in the member area. 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In Indonesia, the detection of forest and land fires relies on hotspot information captured from satellites. However, the location obtained by the satellite has a horizontal error of 2 km from the ground check data. Therefore, these information are less relevant to the actual location.</p> <p>In this research, an android app is proposed to extract Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) photo metadata. The metadata has image information such as latitude and longitude, to obtain the location of forest fires reported by the application user. In addition, this research implemented one of the image processing methods to classify fire and smoke in images of fires. Color filtering method is used based on the color space of Red Green Blue (RGB), Hue Saturation Value (HSV) and YCbCr. This classification process aims to ease the burden on the admin in confirming user reports.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>The results of the fire and smoke classification process are described using a confusion matrix. This matrix produces an accuracy rate of 75%, a precision of 80% and a recall of 80% for a fire classification and an accuracy of 70%, a precision of 92% and a recall of 87% for smoke classification. There are 25% and 30% of misclassified data of fire and smoke. This is because the color filtering method classifies each color pixel from the image, therefore many pixels that are not classified as fire or smoke images are classified because there are other objects that have a range of colors to classify fire and smoke</p> Rizal Endar Wibowo Rony Teguh Ariesta Lestari Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 1 12 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1934 MENDETEKSI REDUNDANSI PASANGAN KALIMAT DALAM DOKUMEN SPESIFIKASI KEBUTUHAN PERANGKAT LUNAK DENGAN PENDEKATAN KEMIRIPAN SEMANTIK https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1894 <p>Software Requirements Specification Document must be complete, unambiguous and correct because an incorrect Software Requirements Specification Document can lead to failure in software development. Software Requirements Specification document must contain non-redundant sentences. Meyer's Seven Sins describes several errors in Software Requirements Specification Document, one of which is redundancy which is a variant of noise. Redundancy is the repetition of the same information, but using different terms or phrases, thus giving the impression that new information is available. This study analyzes the performance of the framework and tools for detecting redundancy in sentence pairs in the software requirements specification document using the WordNet-based semantic similarity method. This study tries to develop the framework and tools that have been proposed in previous studies, namely by detecting redundancy in sentence pairs without fact extraction. The proposed approach and evaluation process uses Kappa values ??to determine whether the performance of the framework and assistive tools can be used to detect redundancy in sentence pairs properly.</p> <p>The method using literature study, data collection, problem analysis, making a framework, making auxiliary tools, and testing. The test uses the Kappa value with two scenarios, from the results of testing the framework and assistive tools can be used to detect redundancy in the Software Requirements Specification Document with a Kappa value of 0.777 with the interpretation of the kappa value is a substantial agreement at a threshold of 0.73</p> Enny Dwi Oktaviyani Licantik Licantik Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 13 24 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1894 OPTIMALISASI KEAMANAN WIRELESS MENGGUNAKAN FILTERING MAC ADDRESS https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1910 <p>The use 802.11 wireless-based network services have become one of the most widely used network services, this will be directly proportional to the security holes that are in the wireless network. The rise of access rights theft in wireless networks is due to the large number of software and tools available on the internet to read encryption in wireless security. To minimize the occurrence of theft of access rights in wireless networks can use a layered security system by implementing security Hotspot login and MAC Address Filtering. This layered wireless network security is able to block users who try to access the network. This is because the wireless network security system has verified access rights 2 (two) times by matching the username and password in the hotspot login with the physical address or MAC address of the client. From the research results obtained by clients who use a username and password with different devices can not access the computer network. So every client who wants to connect to the internet network must use a device that has registered its MAC Address and in accordance with user access rights and passwords in the Hotspot login</p> Firmansyah Firmansyah Rachmat Adi Purnama Rachmawati Darma Astuti Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 25 33 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1910 WEBSITE PEMESANAN PENGINAPAN DI PALANGKA RAYA https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1935 <p>Internet as a means of fast and easy information media for the general public, in this case can also be used to find accommodation in Palangka Raya, Website booking accommodation in Palangka Raya also to facilitate customers in the process of booking a stay where customers can know the availability of room, room facilities and last room price also make it easier for the property to use it as a media information on the The property can manage the accommodation, rooms, room facilities as well as confirmation of orders from customers, then admin tasks as the manager of the website.</p> <p>The method of software development used is the advanced waterfall methodology, namely analysis, design, coding and testing. At the analysis stage, there was an analysis of old systems and new systems and analysis of databases using the DFD methodology after that design. In testing stage using Black Box testing method, which is a testing strategy that focuses solely on the functionality factor and software specifications. Suggestion for development of this website by adding filtering feature with map concept based on route or nearby location.</p> Adi Novari Chandra Felicia Sylviana Nahumi Nugrahaningsih Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 34 43 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1935 SISTEM PENDAFTARAN RAPID TEST COVID-19 PADA KLINIK MEDIKA PALANGKA RAYA https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1959 <p>During January-April 2020, a number of flights were canceled to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Flights were reopened when the government relaxed the PSBB in mid-May 2020. However, aviation activities must comply with health protocols. One of the requirements for traveling by plane is to show a letter of negative PCR test results for COVID-19 or rapid test with non-reactive results. The medical clinical laboratory in registering the rapid test is still manual so that the general public who wants to travel by plane in carrying out a rapid test must be served from registration to completion at the clinic. So that sometimes there is an accumulation of people who want a rapid test. It is necessary to make a registration system for rapid tests in medical clinics using the waterfall method. The stages of system development are business process modeling using Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), user interface design, and the testing process will be carried out with a blackbox. The system developed can reduce the accumulation of patients in the clinic. From the test results, the system functionality can run well</p> Putu Bagus Adidyana Anugrah Putra Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 44 52 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1959 SISTEM INFORMASI PENDAFTARAN TES TOEFL PADA UPT BAHASA UNIVERSITAS PALANGKA RAYA BERBASIS WEBSITE https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1958 <p>Information about the TOEFL test at Palangka Raya University is still being carried out manually starting from registration, payment confirmation, announcing when the exam will be held, the TOEFL test process, and graduation announcements. The TOEFL test is still being carried out continuously at Palangka Raya University which of course will require more time for both participants and language center officers. The purpose of this study is to build a web-based information system that will provide registration services, scheduling, division of exam rooms and announcement of the TOEFL test results at the UPT Language, Palangka Raya University.</p> Nova Noor Kamala Sari Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 53 59 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1958 PENGEMBANGAN WEBSITE PENGELOLAAN PRAKTIKUM PADA PROGRAM STUDI BIOLOGI FAKULTAS MATEMATIKA DAN ILMU PENGETAHUAN ALAM UNIVERSITAS PALANGKA RAYA https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1944 <p>Learning at this time not only through materials but also by practicing. With the current manual system perceived to be inadequate such as the storage of practical student data, information about practicum. Therefore, the author builds a website to improve the practical working system with the aim of this application is to increase the efficiency of practicum.In designing the Website Praktikum Program Biology Study Faculty of Mathematics And Natural Sciences uses waterfall method with stage, Requirements Definition, System and Software Design, Implementation and Unit Testing, Integration and System Testing, Operation and Maintenance. The software used in building this website is Visual Studio Code, MySQL, and XAMPP. This website has been tested with blackbox testing that generates that every feature in the website can run well. Designing the website of praktikum biology study program faculty of mathematics and natural sciences was developed with the aim as the purpose of information media that facilitates information such as practicum schedule data, practicum modules, lists of practicum values and announcements related to practicum, can assist the head of the laboratory in monitoring the implementation of practicum</p> Widiatry Widiatry Nadia Olivia Anggraini Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 60 71 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1944 PERANCANGAN DESAIN BASIS DATA SISTEM INFORMASI GEOGRAFIS TANAH PENDUDUK DENGAN MENERAPKAN MODEL DATA RELASIONAL ( STUDI KASUS : DESA TUMBANG MANTUHE KABUPATEN GUNUNG MAS PROVINSI KALIMANTAN TENGAH ) https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1867 <p>Database design is a data design process that is used to support the operational activities and goals of organizations and agencies. The use of databases on the geographic information system of residents' lands makes it possible to store, change, and display all data quickly and easily. One of the factors that become a problem in database design is the point of view of seeing data that varies between designers, programmers, and end-users. Therefore we need a methodology in good database design by applying procedures, techniques, tools, and documentation. The method used in this study used the Research and Development (R&amp;D) method, while the database design method used the Database Life Cycle (DBLC) method. The research variables were database design for the geographic information system of resident land with a relational data model. Research aspects include conceptual design, logical design, and physical design. The final result of this research is to produce 10 types of conceptual entities, produce a relationship diagram of the ten logical entities, and produce a physical design consisting of user_admin, user_pengguna, data_desa, data_kecamatan, data_kabupaten, jenis_tanah, data_penduduk, data_buku_c, data_mutasi, and data_sppt tables.</p> Tri Amri Wijaya Constantin Menteng Afis Julianto Adi Surya Ema Utami Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 72 81 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1867 APLIKASI SENTIMENT MONITORING UNTUK TWITTER DENGAN ALGORITMA NAIVE-BAYES CLASSIFIER https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1902 <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p><em>Every day there are millions of opinion spread across social networks. This is often utilized by various parties to determine the opinion and sentiment of the public towards the product, brand or figures that they hold. Given the abundance of data and opinions, it is not possible to do sentiment analysis manually. In this research, author performs design and implementation of sentiment monitoring application, that could monitor people’s sentiment about a particular keyword, so it is known how the people response to those keywords, whether positive, negative or neutral.</em></p> <p><em>From various existing social networks, Twitter is chosen as the source of data that will be monitored. Classification algorithm used here is Naive-Bayes Classifier with Boolean Multinomial model, and feature extraction using unigram word. The training data used is 400,000 data for each type of sentiment, so the total is 1.200.000 data. In the process of classification and training, application will perform stemming to take the root words contained within the tweet. Stemming algorithm used here is Confix Stripping.</em></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><em>The methodology of application development that used here is staged delivery. Implementation of application is done using PHP programming language. The result of this research is a sentiment monitoring application that can monitor public sentiment about a particular keyword in a particular time frame. From testing using k-fold cross validation, obtained accuracy rate for sentiment classification amounted to 85%.</em></p> ade chandra saputra agus sehatman saragih Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 82 91 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1902 PENERAPAN LOCATION BASED SERVICED (LBS) DALAM PROTOTIPE PENGENALAN RUANGAN DENGAN METODE EXTREME PROGRAMMING https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1936 <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>Location Based Service (LBS) is a service to provide information that has been created, compiled, selected or filtered by considering the location of users or other people or current mobile devices [1]. It is possible to implement LBS using GPS because mobile devices have GPS services [6]. Based on these services, making an application for room recognition can be done by utilizing the Google Maps API by implementing GIS, LBS, and GPS.</p> <p>Implementation of application with extreme programming methods is carried out in accordance with the stages. In the planning part, an analysis is carried out on the business needs and user stories, in the design, use case diagrams and activity diagrams are made, coding is done by implementing the design using the mobile programming language, and testing is done using black box testing.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>The application of LBS is carried out when calling the room information page which functions to find the location of the room and displays notifications and room information when the user enters the radius that has been determined in the room data. Determining the radius is very important to do so that the information about the room that is displayed does not overlap with other rooms. This is done to keep the room information displayed to the user only to display information about one room only. Therefore, when determining the radius of the room, it must be determined carefully so that the radius can create a circle that does not intersect with other radius circles. The room information displayed is obtained from data management by the admin through the building management page, rooms, and items. In managing, admins can add, edit, and delete data.</p> Viktor Handrianus Pranatawijaya Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 92 99 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1936 PENGEMBANGAN WEBSITE SISTEM INFORMASI ADMINISTRASI KEPENDUDUKAN PADA KELURAHAN TUMBANG RUNGAN KOTA PALANGKA RAYA MENGGUNAKAN METODE WATERFALL https://e-journal.upr.ac.id/index.php/JTI/article/view/1907 <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>Tumbang Rungan sub-district in Palangka Raya manages population data as part of Population Administration, among others; Death Certificate, Certificate of Marriage / Marriage, Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Disability Certificate, Building Construction Permit (IMB), Land and Building Tax, and Land Certificate.</p> <p>Currently there are still many government agencies that manually process population data, including Tumbang Rungan Village, Palangka Raya City, which still uses paper-based forms. If the listed requirements are incomplete, then the person concerned must go home / return first to complete the missing requirements, until they are sufficient and complete. This is very troublesome and wasteful of energy and other sacrifices. Kelurahan Tumbang Rungan, Palangkaraya City, plans to build a system that aims to assist the community in submitting information and receiving complaints by utilizing web facilities as well as monitoring the correspondence process (which is being processed or completed), and to enable the public to fill in data online.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>To overcome these problems, a study was made, website based with the stages of research divided into two stages, namely: (1) literature study and (2) software development by applying modified waterfall method which includes four steps namely system analysis, design, implementation and testing. For implementation using PHP in making program code and Mysql as a database to store data. Furthermore, software testing uses Blackbox testing</p> Jadiaman Parhusip Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Teknologi Informasi: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Aplikasi Bidang Teknik Informatika 2021-01-10 2021-01-10 15 1 100 111 10.47111/jti.v15i1.1907