Author Guidelines

Provision General

  1. Accepted article that is unfinished since published in whatever journal or No in already status accepted (accepted) for publication. Proved with agreement right create (authorship statement) uploaded by writer main as one unit, which is not inseparable from sent script.
  2. Article form results in community service to the public in handling and managing various potentials, challenges, and problems that exist in society. The study covers Education for Sustainable Development; Community service to the Public and Education; Empowerment Community; Access Social; Service Public and Environment; Training, Marketing, and Technology Appropriate Use; Design; Border Areas; Less Development Areas; and Effort Enhancement for Health in Society.
  3. Article is written from scratch with no plagiarism.


Systematics Writing

Article is written in paper size A4 with type Times New Roman font size 12. The text will be loaded using Indonesian.

The arrangement article consists of the following: title (language and English), author's name, institution, email correspondence, abstract (Indonesian and English), keywords, introduction, method implementation, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgement, and Reference.


Provision Writing Article:

Title: maximum 15 words. Title is written in Times New Roman, 14 letters centered in a thick print. (written in Indonesian and English)


Author's name: the authors typed below "title" in Cambria font, size 10, no title. And No can short, no There is restrictions amount writer. Below the article title is Written name, institution, and email correspondence


Abstract: An abstract is written in two languages. Indonesian and English. The word count on the abstract should be between 100 and 200 words, which is the essence of the article. Abstract is written in one paragraph with one column and italicized in Times New Roman 10-point font. Abstract must clear, descriptive and must give description short problem community service the community being conducted / researched. Abstract covers reason for election of topic or importance topic community service society, goals of community service, method of community service, and summary results of community service society. Abstract must have terminated with comment about importance results or conclusion short.

Introduction: introduction, background, formulation covering issues about analysis of situation or condition objective subject service (community assistance), issue or problem and focus on community service, reason choose subject dedication, and change expected social or objective community service supported community with qualitative or quantitative data, profile, and condition audience targets involved in activity community service to society. Conditions are also described and potency regions identified from facets of the physical, social, economic, and relevant environment with activities carried out and supported by relevant literature reviews. References using IEEE Style and suggested use of Mendeley for help writing (Times New Roman, 12, space: 1.15).

Method Implementation: Method explain about the planning process action together community (organization community). In matter This explained Who subject community service, place and location of community service, engagement subject assistance in the planning process and organizing community, method or strategy research used in reach expected goal and stages activity community service society. Planning process and strategy / method used picture flowchart or diagrams. (Times New Roman, 12, space: 1.15).

Results and Discussion: Results and discussion containing results findings from implementation community service and the discussion. write it down findings important that has been obtained the in a manner clear and comprehensive. Findings must have supported by complete data and adequate. data later displayed in form tables, graphs, histograms, or something else later analyzed use analysis descriptive or the relevant statistical formula. Results and discussion must Can answer objective from implementation of the service program in the section introduction. Need remembered that discussion No describes detailed steps implementation community service, however focus discuss results obtained. Discussion can be done with hook results community service with theory earlier or results relevant community service / research, explained impact results community service to behavior, manner look, or pattern think society / community, and explain How results community service capable overcome / answer / reduce problems that have identified as affirmation that article objectives are achieved.

Results community service public and findings should be answer the question or hypothesis community service Society in parts introduction. For support clarity exposure results community service, then on part This can use / attach tables, graphs, and image (If Available) (Times New Roman, 12, space: 1.15).

Conclusion: Conclusion describe the answer from service program objectives or the findings obtained. Conclusion shouldn’t containing loop from results and discussion, however more to summary results findings as expected at destination. Serving suggestions things to be done related with idea furthermore from community service (Times New Roman, 12 pt, space: 1.15).


Acknowledgement: This Part is not necessary. The Gratitude word can be written to related parties or involved in a manner direct in the process of implementing the service program so that articles written and resolved with ok. Related parties for example is head service related to give access and service program support or the sponsor provides service program funds. (Times New Roman, normal, 12 pt , spacing 1.15).


Reference: The list References using the IEEE Format with order in accordance with order citation on paper manuscript. Source written library in list References previously must Once referred to in script, written sequentially. Recommended using tools like Mendeley. [Times New Roman, 12, normal].