Author Guidelines

General Requirements for Manuscript Writing
Guidelines for manuscript authors can be described as follows.

  1. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or English with a line density of one space, Times New Roman 11 font, A4 paper size, one column format, and margin last costum setting (top 2.54 cm; left 2.8 cm; bottom 2.54 cm; right 2.54 cm).
  2. The length of scientific manuscripts should range from 6000 – 9000 words or approximately 6-12 pages, including accompanying images, graphs or tables (if any).
  3. Terms in foreign languages or regional languages in the text are written in italics.
  4. Literature review is not included as part of the article structure. Thus the quotation of literature that is considered important can be combined in the introduction chapter (introduction) or in the discussion. Citing literature in the discussion as necessary only and preferably the discussion of the results of data analysis found by yourself.
  5. Manuscripts are sent by submission on after going through the registration process (register), and login on the website above. For those who do not submit via, it cannot be processed by the OJS JTI system.
  6. Incoming manuscripts will be selected by the system and will be forwarded to reviewers (peer reviewers) in accordance with the article field.
  7. Manuscripts that have been reviewed by reviewers (peer reviewers) will be returned to the author if improvements are needed according to reviewers. After the author makes improvements in accordance with the reviewer's input and assessment, it is sent back by the author.

Manuscripts that have been revised by the author will be reviewed again by peer reviewers, if peer reviewers recommend that they be worthy of publication, then the manuscript will be published online. If the peer reviewer states that improvements are still needed, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for revision again.