Copyright Notice


Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms: 

In order to assure the highest standards for published articles, a peer review policy is applied. In pursue of the compliance with academic standards, all parties involved in the publishing process (the authors, the editors and the editorial board and the reviewers) agree to meet the responsibilities stated below in accordance to the Journal publication ethics and malpractice statement.

Duties of Authors:

  1. The author(s) warrant that the submitted article is an original work, which has not been previously published, and that they have obtained an agreement from any co-author(s) prior to the manuscript’s submission;
  2. The author(s) should not submit articles describing essentially the same research to more than one journal;
  3. The authors(s) make certain that the manuscript meets the terms of the Manuscript Submission Guideline regarding appropriate academic citation and that no copyright infringement occurs;
  4. The authors(s) should inform the editors about any conflict of interests and report any errors they subsequently, discover in their manuscript.

Duties of Editors and the Editorial Board:

  1. The editors, together with the editorial board, are responsible for deciding upon the publication or rejection of the submitted manuscripts based only on their originality, significance, and relevance to the domains of the journal;
  2. The editors evaluate the manuscripts compliance with academic criteria, the domains of the journal and the guidelines;
  3. The editors must at all times respect the confidentiality of any information pertaining to the submitted manuscripts;
  4. The editors assign the review of each manuscript to two reviewers chosen according to their domains of expertise. The editors must take into account any conflict of interest reported by the authors and the reviewers.
  5. The editors must ensure that the comments and recommendations of the reviewers are sent to the author(s) in due time and that the manuscripts are returned to the editors, who take the final decision to publish them or not.