• The authenticity of its contribution to the field of scientific publishing, methodological, and theoretical reliability is taken in accordance with topics, coherence analysis, grammar, and writing in accordance with existing rules.
  • Each manuscript submitted by the author will do peer review
  • Total reviews one (1) people, if the assessment result of imbalanced, it will be submitted to an additional reviewer
  • A maximum limit is two weeks reviewer
  • The principle of recruitment of reviewers has at least written scientific journals as the first author, or a member of the author on three pages of articles, both publications of accredited national-scale scientific journals and international-scale scientific journal publications.
  • The section editor will check any incoming paper, if it does not match the scope of the JISPAR, it will be returned for rejection, so if there are things that do not match the regularized style JISPAR, then the paper will be returned to the author if it is appropriate With a regularized style JISPAR, it will be assigned to reviewers.

The process of reviewing a paper using a single-blind method involving one reviewer who has been selected by a section editor, if between reviewers, there are conflicting decisions, it will be additional reviewers to decide whether the article is accepted or rejected.