Reviewer Guideline

Guideline for Reviewer

Reviewers will review the article material following the standard components of Jurnal Wacana: Journal of Intradisciplinary Social and Political Sciences.


1. The title must use the subject of the manuscript. Please, reviewers can provide suggestions or titles if needed.
2. The abstract must briefly show the purpose of the research, methods, results, and conclusions.
3. Literature Review authors must provide a good and correct citation for the articles they cite. Literature Review is expected to show innovation and novelty through gap analysis.
4. The research method must be described precisely and in detail to enable readers to obtain the necessary information.
5. The results and discussion of author should explain the research results and discuss them concisely so that the reader easily understands them.
6. Duplication in research articles is prohibited because it is an act of plagiarism.
7. The title of tables and figures should always be included, and pay attention to the quality of figures and tables.
8. Graphs or data presented must be considered in quality to be legible.
9. Conclusions to answer hypotheses or research questions must be stated clearly and adequately so that readers easily read them.
10. The bibliography or references must include all references, which are at least ten pieces.


Submission of Review Results

After the reviewer reviews the available articles, the reviewer can also provide comments and revisions related to the article. Reviews must be completed within seven working days. If you need more time, you can inform the Editor (