About the Journal

  1. Journal Title: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains: Bahana Pendidikan
  2. Initials: BPJPS
  3. Frequency: Twice a year (June and December)
  4. Print ISSN: 2716-3431
  5. Online ISSN: 2807-2154
  6. Editor in Chief: -
  7. DOI: 10.36873
  8. Publisher: Universitas Palangka Raya

Bahana Pendidikan: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains is a scientific journal published by the Physics Education Study Program, FKIP University of Palangka Raya. This journal aims to accommodate research articles in the field of Science Education. In the end, this journal is expected to describe the development of science and technology in science education for people in Central Kalimantan (in particular) and Indonesia (in general). This journal is planned to be published twice a year.

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