Focus and Scope

STEAM Engineering accepts research results in scope :

  1. The issue in mechanical engineering such as design, energy conversion, manufacture, metallurgy, and automotive.
  2. Teaching and Learning in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET): learning theories and strategies; curriculum development; learning media development; teaching methods; character education in TVET; industrial internship; work-based learning; e-learning development for TVET; technology-based entrepreneurship based learning; school-based enterprises; vocational students' behaviors.
  3. Evaluation, Assessment, and Certification in TVET: qualifications frameworks; competence-based education and training; authentic assessment in TVET; industry standards-based competency assessment.
  4. Human Resources Management in TVET: vocational career development; teachers' and trainers' professional development; leadership in TVET; teachers’ leadership recruitment; vocational teacher’s certification; contributing professional association board.
  5. Vocational Resources in TVET: laboratory facilities; workshop facilities; vocational budgeting; vocational education infrastructure; Applied technology in VET; virtual laboratory development; digital library; augmented and virtual learning Facilities Development in TVET.
  6. Contemporary Issues in TVET: Policy in TVET; social issues in TVET and social impact of VET provision; vocational education for sustainable development; the public-private partnership in TVET; IT-based community; educational justice in TVET.