The authors of the article shall observe the following editorial policy decisions:

  1. Scrip artists are not permitted to transmit manuscripts that have been published or are in the process of publication to other publishers. The author shall make a statement that the text has not been published or is in the publication process by another publisher in the stamped statement .
  2. The manuscript is sent digitally to the Editorial Team : Equity in Education Journal uses online submission on this website.
  3. Once accepted by the Editorial Board, the manuscript will be reviewed in general. Manuscripts deemed incompatible with Manage missions will be rejected at this stage, and as soon as communicated with the author along with the reasons for his refusal.
  4. Scripts are passed at a general study, will be sent to a minimum of two reviewers (double blind review) to be a review.
  5. Based on the comments and recommendation and reviewers, the Editorial Board will make and communicate decisions based on the script that has been reviewed (accepted without revision, accepted with minor revisions, received a major revision, was rejected because the quality of writing and rejected because of ethical reasons writing scientific papers).
  6. The revised text should be sent back to the Editorial Board within the specified time frame. If the submission of a revised manuscript exceeds the specified time limit, it will be considered a new submission.