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Copyright Notice

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Authors who submit manuscripts do so with the understanding that if accepted for publication, the copyright of the article will be submitted to the Parislangkis Journal of Study Program PPKn Faculty of Teacher Training and Education as a journal publisher. Copyright includes the exclusive right to reproduce and submit articles in all forms and media, including reprints, photographs, microfilms and other similar reproductions, as well as translations. Reproduction of any part of this journal, its storage in the database and its transmission by any form or media, such as electronic, electrostatic and mechanical copies, photocopies, recordings, magnetic media, etc., will only be permitted with written permission from the Paris Langkis Journal of the PPKn Study Program, Faculty Teacher training and education science. The Paris Langkis Journal of Study Program PPKn Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, the Editor and the Advisory Board make every effort to ensure that no data, opinions, or statements that are false or misleading are published in the journal. Either way, the contents of articles and advertisements published in Paris Langkis journal are the sole and exclusive responsibility of each author and advertiser.

Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded here: [Copyright Transfer Form]

Copyright forms must be signed in advance and sent to the Editorial Office in the form of original letters, scanned documents or faxes:

Eddy Lion (Editor in Chief)

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