About the Journal

The Ebony Journal is a scholarly journal in English language that is expected to be a gateway for research publications in the fields of English Language teaching, linguistics, and literature. Ebony is the name of a tree with philosophical characteristics of strong, leafy, green and sustainable with its trunk which can shade anything under it. These characteristics are what to be taken to unify the variety of research resulted from English language pedagogy, linguistics, and literature under the auspices of Ebony. Hence, teachers, lecturers, researchers in fields of teaching English, linguistics, and literature can unite themselves under Ebony to publish their research and non-research articles in one scholarly framework community.

Ebony is an open access English journal published biannually (January and July) by English Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Palangka Raya University. The aim of this journal is to facilitate scholars, researchers, lecturers, and teachers for publishing their original research articles in any topics related to English teaching, Linguistics, and Literature.

We're waiting for your best research article to the next issue by January 2023.